EXPANSE | Sheet Music

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Expanse Notation Cover 01.jpg

EXPANSE | Sheet Music

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EXPANSE | Music by Garry Ferrier

Click here to listen to the piece https://youtu.be/IErWxGU7Svg

'Expanse' is an emotive minialist piano piece that I wrote for a felted piano that was run through a huge analogue tape delay that gives the piece a real sense of space and depth. The track was made famous through various placements in viral motivational videos and has had millions of views worldwide.

I have done my best to create a notated piano score that captures the same feel and atmosphere as the original recording without requiring the delay processor.

This is the official piano sheet music for the emotive minimalist piano piece 'Expanse' by Garry Ferrier. This is a digital downloadable product that contains the 6-page piano sheet music pack.

When you purchase this sheet music pack you will also receive a high resolution audio file of the original music track.


  • 6-page digital piano sheet music pack
  • High-resolution audio file of the original music track 'Expanse'

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